TRIBE 10% Project: Tempo Training (20th Feb)

TRIBE 10% Project: Tempo Training (20th Feb)

20th Feb 2018 6:45pm - 7:45pm

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The TRIBE 10% Project is our 2018 challenge to each other - the TRIBE community - to see whether small changes in our nutrition, lifestyle and training can help us perform 10% better.

We are challenging you to incorporate Strength & Conditioning training in to your New Year training with a series of four Tempo training sessions to kickstart your year.

PLUS there will be rewards for committing to following the plan.


Attend all 4 of the Tempo sessions = FREE TRIBE JUMPER


Ticket cost = £2 (100% of proceeds will go to the TRIBE Freedom Foundation & you will get a FREE TRIBE Protein Shake and TRIBE bar post-workout


Location: Shoreditch Park

Session: Sprint work and S&C workout lead by TRIBE in-house fitness instructor

Challenge: Timed 600m sprint

Be the best version of yourself.