10% Project Tempo @Kahaila, Brick Lane

10% Project Tempo @Kahaila, Brick Lane

3rd Apr 2018 6:45pm - 7:45pm

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The TRIBE 10% Project is our 2018 challenge to each other - the TRIBE community - to see whether small changes in our nutrition, lifestyle and training can help us perform 10% better.

But this is NOT the only challenge. In 2018, we aim to raise £100,000 to fight modern slavery and help end human trafficking. Learn more here. How awesome would it be if the small changes we are each making, as we push to cut 10%, could lead to so much raised for such an amazing cause!! What a challenge and what a mega impact we could have !!

This year, we are fundraising for two outstanding projects: Ella's Home and The Snowdrop Project. Join us at Kahaila to hear a brief introduction by Emily Chalke (Founder of Ella's Home) before we set off for our usual session.


Ticket cost = £2 (100% of proceeds will go to the TRIBE Freedom Foundation & you will get a FREE TRIBE Protein Shake and TRIBE bar post-workout.)

THE SESSION THIS WEEK (Tuesday 3rd April)

Theme: Cardio Week

Location: Shoreditch Park

Session: Sprint work and S&C workout lead by TRIBE in-house fitness instructor

Be the best version of yourself.